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Round Barn

The Round Barn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is more than a century old.
It is the only round barn on Route 66.

Built in 1898

The Arcadia Round Barn is located in Arcadia, OK.  Six miles east of Interstate 35 on Route 66.  Admission is FREE.

Exhibits and a gift shop are located inside. Outdoor displays consist of primitive farm implements.

The beautiful upstairs loft can be reserved for special events.

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Recent News

A big thank you to our dedicated volunteers for their continued devotion to keep the Barn open to the public and COVID-19 safe during these extraordinary times.

T.Z. Wright will present a concert in support of the Arcadia Round Barn at 8 p.m. Thursday.

T.Z. Wright to present virtual concert for Arcadia Round Barn

ARCADIA — Singer-songwriter T.Z. Wright will present a virtual concert to benefit the Arcadia Round Barn at 8 ...
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Joe Baxter will present a virtual concert on the Arcadia Round Barn Facebook page at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Joe Baxter to present a virtual concert to benefit Arcadia Round Barn

ARCADIA — Oklahoma City singer-songwriter Joe Baxter will present a virtual concert at 8 p.m. Thursday to benefit the ...
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Volunteer at the Round Barn

The Round Barn is gearing up for a busy and fun summer travel season. We are in need ...
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Upcoming Events

The Arcadia Barn presents Virtual Barn Online Music Performances benefitting The Arcadia Historical & Preservation Society. 

Upcoming Events

Stay up-to-date with the Arcadia Historical Society

More on The Round Barn maintenance needs, 1903 First Methodist Church restoration, Richardson Building, and more!

  • 5 star review  My grandson and I stopped by we love history and historical sites. Beautiful day 🙏🇺🇸🦅💙💯

    thumb BIGDADDY IAM

    4 star review  The gift shop was closed but the barn was open. It was really neat looking inside.

    thumb Zach Jackson

    5 star review  One of the most interesting stops along Route 66. The museum part was very fascinating. Beautifully restored.

    thumb Debbie Fogel

    5 star review  Nice bit of history to stop and visit for short while. The Round Barn was restored in the late 90's. It currently still hosts parties and dances on the second floor and first floor that used to house animals is now a nice museum/gift shop.

    thumb Shari Bittick

    5 star review  Route 66 must!

    thumb KaLinda Nichols

    4 star review  Due to Convid 19 it was not opened when we were there but it.was a cool photo to add to Route 66 journal..it was sad that they lost so much business the day we were there several others had stopped . .

    thumb Christina Stalnaker
  • 5 star review  The barn makes a pretty drive-by, but what is really great is the very thorough history and other interesting items inside. It's absolutely worth actually pulling over for 30 minutes if you are just passing through. Plus, excellent restrooms!

    thumb Robert Gaston

    5 star review  Very neat and historic building. The museum downstairs gives a great glimpse into life in early Oklahoma. Absolutely worth a visit!!!

    thumb David Ingram

    5 star review  Lots of history in there. Very nice. Good thing they restored it.

    thumb Dennis Sanchez

    5 star review  A lovingly restored Round Barn, you won't see many of these. Take a few minutes and Marvel at the wooden roof Dome from the inside.

    thumb Lucas Peacock

    5 star review  Loved this! Cute neat little roadside attraction on route 66! Must see

    thumb Ashley Nic

    4 star review  Neat place to visit. A big round barn! Interesting history of the place.

    thumb A.G. Smith
  • 5 star review  This is a cool stop. Neat history, well kept and very friendly staff. The inside ceiling of the barn is awesome to checkout. We recommend a stop here.

    thumb Ken Davis

    4 star review  Unique experience walking around this barn. Old artifacts and preserved the heritage. Quick detour with a 30 minutes effort in seeing all the things in and around this barn.

    thumb Arun Murali Kanjirakkad

    5 star review  This is such a fun place to stop and a must-see Route 66 landmark if you are interested in that kind of thing. The barn itself is beautiful, especially the upper level.

    thumb Erin Thomas

    5 star review  Very cool to see. Great music being played live. Worth checking out.

    thumb Nicole Dilloway

    5 star review  We take weekend road trips and decided to go to Arcadia to see the round barn. Believe me, if you are a history buff, this is a great day trip to take. Not only is the round barn very interesting but it is filled with amazing pieces of history and information. They also have some nice items for sale. It was well worth the drive.

    thumb Robert Stein

    5 star review  We took our son and daughter-in-law from Charlotte, NC here today before dropping them off at the airport. Great visit for everyone in the family, even those of us who had been here before. So cool to stand in the middle of the barn and near the cool acoustic effects. Weekend music sessions must be great to listen to. Enjoyed wandering the souvenir shop below and learning about the history of this unique attraction. Even picked up an ornament for the Christmas tree this time around. Staff was friendly and informative. Definitely recommended taking the time to stop by when in the area.

    thumb Steve Doll