Arcadia Historical & Preservation Society

The Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society (AHPS) was incorporated March 22, 1988, in order to take possession of the Round Barn of Arcadia, donated by the Vrana sisters. Non-profit (501 (c) 3) tax status was granted by the IRS in January of 1989. Since that time the organization’s responsibilities have grown to include the Richardson Building and the First Methodist Church. Both the Round Barn and the Richardson Building are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Since 1994 when the restoration of the Round Barn was completed, AHPS has been primarily concerned with recruiting volunteers and raising money to keep the Barn in good repair and open to the public almost 365 days a year.

Join Us!

Support the Round Barn by becoming member of the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society ($20.00).

Donations of time and money from our visitors and supporters are essential!!

Donations of time are needed for minor repair projects and help with events and the shop. Your dollar donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 134
Arcadia, OK 73007

Volunteer Opportunities

Call Kimberly Burk at 405-651-0240 to volunteer.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society (AHPS) is to promote an understanding and appreciation of the history of the Town of Arcadia, Oklahoma, and associated outlying farms by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting that history.

Our Vision

The Round Barn will be place where local people and travelers on Route 66 from all over the world will encounter, explore and learn about the town’s history, especially the history of the Round Barn and Route 66.

In pursuit of
this vision,
the Arcadia Historical & Preservation Society will:

Identify, collect and exhibit historical materials related to the Round Barn, the Town of Arcadia, and Route 66

Foster an appreciation of the importance of historical materials to enrich public understanding of the past and present.

Promote pride in community heritage among the residents of Arcadia.

Craft a plan to preserve the First Methodist Church building and the Brooks building and explore ways to effectively use and interpret these buildings for the benefit of the Society and community.

Support the Round Barn and memorialize a person or event!

You can buy a brick that will be inscribed with the message of your choice and will be added to our sidewalk for all to see. ($50.00)

AHPS Members

The first president of AHPS was Beverly White, a member of the Over the Hill Gang that restored the barn under the direction of Luke Robison.

Other members of the Gang and the first members of AHPS include:
Ann Stevens, Raymond Robinson, Perry Rogers, Ralph Crump, Marjorie Baker, Nellie Ottinger, Roy Ottingers, Wilbur Holbrook, Anna Robison, Ernest “Butch” Breger, Bill Campbell, Eula “Tootie” Teuscher, Bill Ottinger, Maxine Campbell, Ina Booher, Jack Morris, Mary Enos, Violet Anderson and Bill Goff.

Current board members include:
Linda Simonton, President; Ann Young, Vice-President; Karlena Risenhoover, Secretary; Vi Davis, Treasurer; Mike Kertok, Historian; Sam Gilaspy, President Emeritus; Trustees: Jackie Caldwell, Charles Craine, Juanita Derryberry, Arthur Ganther, Michelle Maxwell, Lerence Robison, and Ray Robison. Monthly meetings are held at the Barn on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. Meetings are open to the public and membership of AHPS.